Why The 5 Whys matter for Founders

Identifying a real and a pressing problem for people repeatedly affected by it from the very beginning of a new venture can carry any startup through its toughest times. …

Foto: NASA, Unsplash

At opfordre en person bosat i Los Angeles til at droppe sin bil føles lige så upassende, som det er at opfordre en person bosat i Manhattan til at købe sig en bil.

Biler står for 1/10 af verdens CO2 udledning. Den gennemsnitlige bil holder parkeret i 96% af sin…

Weekly routines. Explore and try real routines for a week. Lifestyle recipes. “A week of a iOS developer” or “Casey’s routine.” or “The routine of a serial writer”

  • The day is split to 5 daytime sections:
  • •• Early morning (04:00–07:00)
  • •• Morning (07:00–12:00)
  • •• Afternoon (12:00–18:00)
  • •• Evening (18:00–23:00)
  • ••…
En hybrid iværksætter har allerede et primært arbejde og eget projekt parallelt med det primære.

• Aktivering af ubenyttet kompetencer
• Resultatsorienteret vs. Fuldtidsorienteret
• Udvidelse af projektets levedygtighed

En hybrid iværksætter er en person som opstarter et sideprojekt ved siden af sit primære fuldtidsarbejde. Filosofien bag hybridt iværksætteri er, at dine erfaringer i dit sideprojekt vil hjælpe med at udvikle dine naturlige interesser…

Vinstant started as a simple camera app back in 2015 that made it easy and fluent to capture multiple video clips as one video. Much of our basic camera needs have changed since. Here are the 8 highlights of Vinstant to remember:

1) A shared camera: Invite your friends to your camera and share photos and videos with each other.

2) Join a camera: Scan your friends camera QR code and start sharing your point of view with friends.

Image: Unsplash, Filip Gielda

I’m from Greenland with a population of just 56,000 people. There are 16 cities and approx. 60 settlements. Each city and settlement is isolated from each other with no connecting roads and can only be accessed by boat or air.

“Everyone knows each other” is a common presentation for tourists…

I am a big believer of balancing a never ending education with a never ending experience to ensure both makes sense and creates a knowledge that can be converted to actions in future situations. …

JJ Lennert-Sandgreen

Consultant and Speaker.

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