Vinstant beta: Shared albums without the confusion. Approaching the ‘Stories’ format as a dynamic album

JJ Lennert-Sandgreen
2 min readJun 25, 2019


Beta stats: So far 54 stories have been created with a combined 462 clips averaging 8.5 clips per story from initial beta testers. The initial beta have helped us identify 3 core values Vinstant provides the user:

1) Create multiple stories that doesn’t disappear after 24 hours. -> If that isn’t valuable to you, then:

2) Share a story with friends to collaborate -> If that isn’t valuable to you, then:

3) Select photos/videos from a story you are a part of to save to your camera roll (photo-sharing) -> If that isn’t valuable to you, then:

Bonus) Follow and experience stories.

We have until now focused on nailing the first 2 (create multiple shared stories with friends) and today we are beginning on the new export feature that allows you to select photos/videos from a shared story to save to your camera roll.

Why we think the Save feature is key

Specifically the ability to save selected photos/videos from a shared story basically functions like a shared album you share with friends, but without the confusion.

You might have experienced friends asking you to send over or airdrop photos you took from the activity you did together, or needing the courage to ask friends to send photos they took of you from your last trip together.

With Vinstant, if you already share a story, you already grant each other full access to the photos/videos you take, exactly functioning as a shared album.

When we cover the photo-sharing need, the other key points naturally follows: You’d need to create a story and you’d need to invite/join a story.

Vinstant is balancing between ‘shared stories’ and ‘shared albums’.



JJ Lennert-Sandgreen