Vinstant — A Shared Camera App For Friends

Vinstant started as a simple camera app back in 2015 that made it easy and fluent to capture multiple video clips as one video. Much of our basic camera needs have changed since. Here are the 8 highlights of Vinstant to remember:

1) A shared camera: Invite your friends to your camera and share photos and videos with each other.

2) Join a camera: Scan your friends camera QR code and start sharing your point of view with friends.

3) Multiple Stories: Create, share and manage multiple shared albums, experienced as stories within the app.

4) Export: Easily save your favourite photos and videos from a shared album with friends.

5) Rich Stories: Experience and relive a story, shared and told from multiple angles.

6) Collections: Only pick your favourite stories from people you subscribe to and be in full control of what you see from your subscriptions.

7) Landscape: The app fully supports a landscape orientation incl. when capturing photos and videos. It’s a basic human right.

8) Remix: Remix clips across stories. It’s like getting creative with lego pieces, but with clips from the Vinstant community.



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