About: Following is an unofficial re-presentation of the “Air+Port” exhibition designed and presented by BIG Architects in collaboration with Tegnestuen Nuuk, Julie Edel Hardenberg and Inuk Silas Høgh for DAC, Venice Architecture Biennale 2012. The full and original presentation can be found at: https://big.dk/#projects-fgl

This photo series was created to further support and exercise the open discussion in Greenland, particularly among the citizens of Nuuk, regarding where and which airport type to develop in Nuuk as the Government of Greenland recently officially approved the initiative to start developing it.

A noticeable amount of people are expressing their wish of placing an airport on the “southern islands” and the photo series helps reminding and visualising how an airport located on the southern islands could end up looking.

I am personally for developing an atlantic airport in Nuuk. As such project acts as a definitive chapter in the history of Greenland and Nuuk I am also for supporting and exercising both options equally (the existing Nuuk airport location vs. the southern islands location). Both options are really exciting in each of their own ways and I don’t think anyone should pre-favorite one option over the other before we have an equal understanding of both.

Thanks to BIG, Tegnestuen Nuuk, Julie Edel Hardenberg and Inuk Silas Høgh for visualising their ideas and for sharing it with the public to be inspired by.

Link to the original presentation: https://big.dk/#projects-fgl

Consultant and Speaker.