Making The Flows App Happen

Flows app is a community generated checklist template platform for iOS, Android and Web. A user can create a checklist and share it with other people to download and use as a template. It’s like Quora, but with a lightweight and straightforward step-by-step guides instead of lengthy explanations.


1. Creating & finding Flows[ ]
2. Donate to the Flows project [ ]
3. Join the community [ ]
4. Featured mockups [ ]
5. Flow template examples [ ]

When you think “How do I..”or “What is the process for..” — then Flows got you covered.

Flows is a straightforward way for whatever important information and guideline you need in your life. A guideline template can be validated and rated by users on its usefulness to others. Flows will the reward users who create useful templates. The mission is to offer checklist templates for anything that requires a process of steps.

Flows beta is being built for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iMessage at a small scale. Flows is currently asking for 10 bitcoins in donation prior to building the iOS, Android and Web build on a blockchain.

1. Create- & find Flows for anything

As a user of Flows you can create, share and explore Flows for anything you As a user of Flows, you can create, share and explore Flows for anything you need (see Section 5 for examples). Each flow requires you to have at least one and a maximum of three tags when publishing, which converts into categories for you to discover in the Explore Flows section and make it easy to search. It is also required to set the region for where the flow applies to (select a country or select worldwide).

Let’s say you’re creating a Flow called “Connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook Page” and you create the step-by-step process. When publishing, set your tags to the following: #Instagram, #Facebook, #SocialMedia

Then your Flow Template becomes available to view and download to anyone who want to discover under the categories #Instagram, #Facebook, #SocialMedia. If your Flow Template is downloaded multiple time, it will climb up in each of the tagged categories as well as having the tags climb up in their hierarchy.

Example 1.0 — Removing the weight in information
When googling “how to delete facebook”, the top link is an information page that consist of 678 words (view page), while the actual piece of information you need and expect, only consist of 43 words and shortened to just 5 steps:

1. Click the account menu down arrow at the top right of any Facebook page in your web browser.
2. Select ‘Settings’.
3. Choose ‘General’ in the left column.
4. Click ‘Manage your account’.
5. Press ‘Deactivate your account’, and then follow the steps to confirm your decision.

Example 1.1 — Light and accessible information
And it could even be further shortened to 19 words:
1. Select ‘Menu’
2. Select ‘Settings’
3. Select ‘General’
4. Select ‘Manage your account’
5. Select ‘ Deactivate your account’ and follow the confirmation steps.

We often find ourselves repeatedly researching and opening and reading one heavy page after the other which is highly time consuming. Flows wants to simplify the information you search for at make it extremely accessible and immediately actionable.

Congrats!! You now understand how Flows works!

2. Donate & make Flows project happen

Make a contribution to the Flows project to our Wallet (bitcoin address):
Please add your email as a Note in the transfer so we can connect with you.

The Flows app is being lead by Let It Snow ApS, a Greenland based software agency that design and build cross platform applications, with JJ Sandgreen being the founder of both the company and the Flows project and Roman Dyadenkor developing the iOS apps.

We are raising 10 Bitcoins to secure the development, testing and release of the initial version of the Flows app for iOS, Android, Web and to integrate it to the blockchain. We are also seeking strategic blockchain partners. One of our main interests is to reward users who create great checklist templates that others will benefit from.

How the initial 10 bitcoins are divided:
1 bitcoin: Product Design
1 bitcoin: Backend setup
4 bitcoin: iOS development
3 bitcoin: Android development
1 bitcoin: Web development

Contributors will be invited to the beta programme starting Q4 2018. At this current stage, we are focusing on making a great product with an amazing user experience. Once we complete Flows v.1.0 build, we will enter a new stage to grow the community, the team, produce a product roadmap, implement marketing strategies and establish partnership.

3. Join the Flows Community

Connect with the Flows team on Twitter. Send us a tweet or direct message us with any feedback, questions or thoughts you want to share with us! Our Twitter handle is @flowsapp (Managed by JJ).

You can also send us an email to

We plan to setup a community on Telegram, Slack or similar when it becomes relevant.

4. Featured Mockups

Link to the prototype:

5. Flow Template Examples

When you find yourself being in a bit confusing and unclear situation, there is a high chance you are not the first one to experience it. Once you’ve figured out your way through, create a Flow Template and help others know what to do and how to do it. Imagine & expect following kind of Flow Templates to be easily accessible for you when needed:

  • Getting a new passport
  • Buying a car
  • Selling a car
  • Changing username on Twitter
  • Forming a LLC company in the US
  • Forming an ApS company in Greenland
  • Reporting Tax Returns
  • How to setup a Wallet
  • Buying Bitcoin
  • Registering an account on an Exchange
  • Getting a tourist visa for USA
  • Recovering your Apple ID
  • Creating a Slack Workspace
  • Registering your child for school
  • Things to experience in NYC in 24 hours
  • Installing a Sketch plugin
  • Insurance from a cancelled flight
  • Getting married
  • Refund from Amazon
  • Setting up Apple HomePod
  • Resetting the Apple Watch
  • Becoming a Host on Airbnb
  • When your Twitter account is hacked
  • Installing CocoaPods
  • What’s new in iOS 12
  • What to test in Flows app v.1.4.2
  • Adding Testflight users for your iOS testers
  • Clearing Safari history
  • Removing Facebook Birthdays from your Calendar
  • Museums to visit in Barcelona
  • Getting your birth certificate
  • Vloggers Travel Gear
  • Galaxy Tears Makeup Tutorial
  • Top 10 TedTalks to watch
  • 5 books every entrepreneur should read
  • Getting verified on Twitter
  • Submitting on Product Hunt
  • Submitting an app to the App Store
  • Submitting an app to Google Play
  • Becoming a seller on Amazon
  • Before entering Thailand
  • Completing a convertible note loan agreement
  • Buying Apple stocks
  • Buying a house in Greenland
  • My morning routine by Taylor Swift
  • Adding a new profile on Netflix
  • Software updating my Tesla Model 3
  • When accidentally filling a diesel car with gasoline
  • Essential backpacking gears
  • Baking doughnuts
  • Borscht Soup Recipe
  • How to kickflip

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