The 5 Whys made easy, repeatable and fun - designed in different editions.

Learn to quickly master The 5 Whys and develop a valuable understanding of your circumstances in no time. The 5 Whys is a technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem.

JJ Lennert-Sandgreen
3 min readFeb 19, 2021


Why The 5 Whys matter for Founders

Identifying a real and a pressing problem for people repeatedly affected by it from the very beginning of a new venture can carry any startup through its toughest times. People are willing to pay you for having their real problems solved and are often highly forgiving, regardless how bad of an execution or service you might have with your product early on.

To solve real world problems with your startup — you must first identify the problem. That very problem will become your true north and solid basis of existence.

“This problem, once solved, will be simple.”
-Thomas Alva Edison, inventor

We move forward when we solve a problem. We move forward very quickly when we get to the root of a problem in no time. To solve a problem consistently we must first understand why it is a problem. Problems around us are easy to identify and are experienced on the surface. The underlying cause of a problem has often multiple layers and dependencies most of us do not see. When we manage to identify and verify the root cause, we can make subtle changes with great effect.

The 5 Whys is quite similar to the movie Inception where you go multiple levels down, with the 5th level being Limbo. Make a single change there and the effect will be great on the surface.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
-Anaïs Nin, writer

To understand a problem, we must try to see things are they are without giving it an opinion. Keeping a neutral mind can be difficult given the story, vision and values each of us have. Real problems are shared, regardless our point of views. The ones who manages to solve shared problems typically has the ability to see the problem from multiple views.

Pedestrians repeatedly crossing a road at a red light can not be fixed by making the red light bigger or louder. It’s a fabric of looping events that leads to pedestrians crossing the road at a red light.

Using the 5 whys we can quickly identify and understand the root cause of almost anything and anyone, especially when repeated. A stop light was maybe never repeatedly needed…

The 5 Whys Made Easy, Repeatedable and Fun

I have designed different template editions of The 5 Whys making it easy, repeatedable and fun for you to explore the cause and effect of anything or anyone. The four editions are Universal, Technical, Startup and Personal. Knowing the root cause is highly valuable and helps you take clear decisions.

These tools are designed to facilitate valuable understandings before you make defining decisions. Save time with a clear mind. Take a look:

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