Keep learning

Education is really good. Experience is better. Education and Experience in parallel is unbeatable.

JJ Lennert-Sandgreen
2 min readApr 9, 2019


I am a big believer of balancing a never ending education with a never ending experience to ensure both makes sense and creates a knowledge that can be converted to actions in future situations. The worlds first pilot had a very different story towards his first flight compared to todays pilots.

We all do so much to collect knowledge and listening to other peoples experiences, but if we can not convert that information into actions when really needed, then where is the value? It is so important to remain humble, humble enough to keep wanting to learn and experience success and failure firsthand. The market is dynamic, broad and always bigger than a company with the most marketshare. If our skills and teams are locked (protected), then our ability to progress becomes limited and frozen in a specific moment of market-time.

Remember: The puzzle game never came with a countdown. If you give yourself time enough and work with people, the hardest puzzles can be solved. The countdown for startups to exists to solve a problem is an illusion dramatized by investments (debts = countdown) and delayed by the inability to attract relevant people to join you solving the puzzle before you lose interest.

Keep learning. Keep listening. Especially to yourself.