An unfiltered copy of a real app idea

  • The day is split to 5 daytime sections:
  • •• Early morning (04:00–07:00)
  • •• Morning (07:00–12:00)
  • •• Afternoon (12:00–18:00)
  • •• Evening (18:00–23:00)
  • •• Night (23:00–04:00)
  • When you create your routine, you start by selecting wake-up and bedtimes. Based on your wake-up time, your first ‘Daytime’ is set and based on your bedtime, your last ‘Daytime’ is set.
  • The routine list is divided to two: Weekday routines and Week-end routines (because week-ends are always different)
  • If your routine action has a text-note, you can open it to read the note. If not, you can not open it.
  • You receive a push notification 2 times a day: 1 hour after wake-up time and 1 hour before bedtime.
  • On Sunday lists, a “Review routine” button appears to give the routine stars and answer 3 optional questions.




Consultant and Speaker.

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JJ Lennert-Sandgreen

JJ Lennert-Sandgreen

Consultant and Speaker.

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